English [EKOPARTY PRE-CTF 2015] Back on the event

Hellooooo !

This the end of the EKOPARTY PRE-CTF.
We enjoyed the different kind of challenges as we resolved all the reverse YEAH! 😀
Misc category was fun too, and we learned plenty of good things, hoping our write ups will do the same for you !

We finished 28th on 305 (652 if we include all the /dev/null teams) with 1475/1875 points.
The 2x 200 missing challenges are : pwn200 and misc200.
Web: web25 – web50 – web100web200
Crypto: cry25 – cry50cry100cry200
Reversing: rev25 – rev50 – rev100rev200
Pwning: pwn25pwn50 – pwn100
Misc: misc25* – misc50 – misc100
[ Writing in progress… ]

Cheers* !


* : For misc25, check the 1st pic above 🙂

2 thoughts on “[EKOPARTY PRE-CTF 2015] Back on the event”

    1. Hello!
      Write ups are coming 🙂
      EKO admins asked to do NOT post solutions until monday.
      (The first teams needs to prove their validations)

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