About us

Team history

For the story, the team was created in may 2015 just after the HackingWeek, a French event.
It turned out that some guys wanted to participate but did not have a team.
Without knowing if the team would have a future after this, we created a mix and competed under the name of “(n|b)00bz_CMB“.
It has pleased us all and the atmosphere was good, so we decided to create a real team.. (with a nicest name this time :D)
Thus 0x90r00t was born.  🙂

Active members

  • nodulaire*
  • The_lsd*
  • winw*
  • WtF*
  • Alkanor
  • runn3r
  • offw0rld
  • TouF
  • vic511
  • sandelan
  • tosh

Inactive members

  • Asteriksme
  • Sano*
  • CirClipS*
  • Pixis*
  • laxa
  • yozyop*

* = founders

Interested in joining us? Find & contact us and we’ll see!