English [NDH 2017] Back On The Event

Hello buddies,

From Saturday 24th 10AM to Sunday 25th 7AM, there was the most known french conference: Nuit Du Hack. As every  year, it was an awesome conference, with a lot of conferences, friends, workshops, and beers 🙂

But, it’s not only conferences, it’s also challenges! And, here, at 0x90r00t, we love challenges (I bet you already knew it 🙂 )!
So, we did the public CTF and finished 7th, which is not bad!

This year, Wavestone also organized a mini CTF during the day, just for fun (and actually, it was really fun), and we finished 3rd!

Oh… But wait… I almost forgot! There was a spying challenge, and… oh… actually, we finished first! 😉

You’ll find some write ups below:

  • Spying challenge part 1 (FR only)
  • Spying challenge part 2 (FR only)
  • Spying challenge part 3 (FR only)
  • More soon

And here is the ranking (thanks to P_TE for the picture)!