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[3DS CTF] [MISC 400 – WAT] Write up


Scavenging an old 318br repo, we found a program missing some line of code. Even without this line, we would like to know the result of
its execution.
Specific instruction: Put the flag on the format 3DS{} and submit.

Vasculhando um repositorio antigo do 318br, nos encontramos um programa faltando uma parte. Mesmo faltando uma parte, nos gostariamos que voce nos dissesse o resultado de sua execucao.
Instrucao especifica: Colocar o resultado no formato 3DS{} e submeter.

Solved by 19 Teams

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[Juniors CTF 2016] [Forensic 500 – Lost everything but hope] Write Up


Mabel: What`s up, Gruncle???
Stan: I left a phone here and went to the store to sell something useless. When I got back I saw this
*shows a broken mobile*
Mabel: OMG!
Soos: Gonna get some insulating tape.
Stan: Restore the justice!

A few hours later
Dipper: Hm, who could do this?.. Soos, I managed to restore some files, maybe you can help to find something. Will you?
Soos: Of course, Dipper.

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[Juniors CTF 2016] [Trivial admin 400 – ROFL] Write Up


No description, only a PDF embedded file containing 73 pages:


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[Juniors CTF 2016] [Web 300 – Six Strange Tales] Write Up


– Gruncle Stan, what`s the secret of the six fingered hand?
– Can you see these codes? When the six fingered hand touches them, one of the Gravity Falls secrets opens!
– Gruncle, but how should we read the secret? From left to right or right to left? Or maybe upside down?
– It depends on whether you are a Christian, a Muslim or a Taoist…

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