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[3DS CTF] [Web 200 – MapOs] Write up


Ouvi no elevador uma conversa do pessoal da empresa ao lado da MapOs e descobri que o sistema principal deles esta passando por uma reformulacao devido a 2 falhas. Uma delas de autenticacao, mas sobre a outra, so sei que pode levar um hacker a ganhar acesso ao servidor principal deles.
Como bom hue_br que voce e , de uma olhada l. Tem um arquivo no servidor deles com a flag.
Vou ser bonzinho: comece pelo admin@admin.com
– Container desse chall sao reiniciados a cada 3h. Em outras palavras, incluia isso no seu calculo para resolver o chall antes do reboot.
I just overheard a conversation from the company next door to MapOs and found out that their main system is being updated due to 2 bugs. One of them is related to authentication, but I don’t know nothing about the other one besides the fact that it could lead an attacker to gain access to their main server.
Being such a good hacker as you are, take a look over there. There’s a file in their server with the flag.
PROTIP: begin with admin@admin.com
– Container for this chall is restarted every 3h. In other words, your entire effort should be done in less than 3h from last restart.

Solved by 10 teams

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[Juniors CTF 2016] [Web 300 – Six Strange Tales] Write Up


– Gruncle Stan, what`s the secret of the six fingered hand?
– Can you see these codes? When the six fingered hand touches them, one of the Gravity Falls secrets opens!
– Gruncle, but how should we read the secret? From left to right or right to left? Or maybe upside down?
– It depends on whether you are a Christian, a Muslim or a Taoist…

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