English [NDH 2016] Back on the event

Hello everyone,

This week-end was THE week-end. We were on the Nuit Du Hack, one of the most known french conference and CTF.
From Saturday 10AM to Sunday 7AM, there was talks, workshops, and challenges.
The organizers were here for us also, which is really nice 🙂

This was fun. Really fun! Because this CTF is the first one we made IRL, (almost) everybody was there, we invited some cool guests to the team, and most of all, we finished SECOND! Also because we saw other cools teams, this was challenging for all of us 🙂
Challenges were cool, hard as it needs, and (which is pretty cool) not DoSed all night long, and the organizers did a great job!

We can’t wait for next year, to finish first ^^

You’ll find below some of our write ups:

CrackMe : 150 – Dont’ be too evil. Just a bit150 Lol_so_obfuscated [FR only]
Web : 150 – Hello Friend250 Classroom250 Sticky Sticky [FR only]
Forensics : 150 – Draw Me a Sheep200 I’m  afraid of a gh0st named Poison Ivy
Stega : 150 – Hamming Fury

Here is the final ranking :

Here we are :)
Here we are 🙂

And to finish, our team on the podium 🙂


See these awesaome guys :)
See these awesaome guys 🙂
awesome than ever ^^
awesome than ever ^^

See ya!


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