English [PoliCTF 2015] Dat was real g00d fun

PoliCTF is now over!

It was a really good and fun CTF, challenges were well made, and the organization was really good. Just a few live patching on some challs, but I guess it’s always like that 🙂
Thanks to the organizers who gave us this really good CTF!

As this CTF was a way harder than the Hacking Week, we are not so well ranked, only 73 over 328 (1073 registered), but we are the second French team, behind khack40 (and way before zenk-security and hexpresso 😉 ).
We only solved 7 challenges, and we almost had done 3 more, but as we are a bit lame, we didn’t saw obvious things x)

Obviously, crypto is our main lack, with only zero finished challenge, we really need to skill on that part for the next time!

Stay tuned for the write ups, they’re coming soon (as we don’t have a lot to write :))

Web : web100 – web150 – web350
Pwn : pwn50
Grabbag : grabbag50
Reverse : reverse100
Forensics : forensics100


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