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No Big Deal

50 points / Solved 214 times
Sometimes the answer is immediately obvious, sometimes it’s obscured.

Find the answer in here


Funny thing about that challenge is that we found the flag of the part 2 and spent a little more time findind out the flag of the first part.

You need to take the hint into account: sometimes it’s obscured.
Running strings and other tool isn’t really usefull taking into account that the pcap given is pretty heavy.
We can see that the network capture has different time transfer, so I took a look at the packets beginning at each time line and at the end to see if there was anything suspicious.

At 342 seconds, we can see a packet with some printable characters.


It looks like base64, so we give it a try:

laxa:_no-big-deal.pcap.extracted:12:33:29$ strings q.bin 
laxa:_no-big-deal.pcap.extracted:12:33:33$ echo -n 'Q1RGe2JldHRlcmZzLnRoYW4ueW91cnN9' | base64 -d

Flag is: CTF{betterfs.than.yours}

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