English [HackIM 2016] [Prog 1/3/4 200/300/400] Write Up


Programming 1 (200 points):

So you reached Delhi and now the noise in your head is not allowing you to think rationally. The Nosise in your head has origin its Origin in your Stomach. And this is a big hunger. You can finish one or probably 2 Tandoori Chicken. So where can you get the best Tandoori Chicken in Delhi? This place tweeted last week that the Tandoori Chicken it servers is like never B4. You got its twitter handle?

Programming 2 (300 points):

Still Hungry and unsutisfied, you are looking for more. Some more, unique un heard dishes. Then you can find one to make it your self. Its his Dish. He has his own website which is he describes as ” a social home for each of our passions”. The link to his website is on his google+ page. whats the name of his site. By the way he loves and hogs on “Onion Kheer”. Have you heard of “Onion Kheer”?

Programming 3 (400 points):

One of the NullCon vidoes talked about a marvalous Russian Gift. The Vidoe was uploaded on [May of 2015] What is the ID of that youtube video.


These programming challenges were actually not programming challenges AT ALL.
If you read description of the challenges, you’ll see that a bit of google gave us anwsers.

For the programming 1, we were asked to find the “best Randoori Chicken in Delhi” that has been “tweeted last week”, and that the “Tandoori Chicken it servers is like never before”.

OK, just have a look on twitter : https://twitter.com/search?q=Tandoori%20Chicken%20like%20never%20before&src=typd
One of the first answer was this one : https://twitter.com/AnyaHotels/status/690040639619227648

The flag was AnyaHotels


The Programming 2 was as simple as the first. By lookling at the description, we were asked to find a website which is described as “a social home for each of our passions” on google+.
OK, no problem. let’s check on google : https://www.google.fr/search?q=plus+google+%22a+social+home+for+each+of+our+passions%22&oq=plus+google+%22a+social+home+for+each+of+our+passions%22
One of the first results was the G+ page : https://plus.google.com/communities/111109470222619817871/stream/7bbe5b38-7bc9-4e77-aac7-0d1e86358f25
In this page, one post was talking about a restaurant. If we check it, we can see that the restaurant name is affimity.com : https://plus.google.com/+TempesttPatterson/posts/1YUWCaPArpm

The flag was affimity.com


Finally, last but not least, an aaaaaawesome challenge. Nullcon 2015 has posted youtube videos, and we were asked to find the ID of a video posted in May 2015.
One search on youtube gave us the nullcon channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/nullcon/videos), we looked for videos posted on May 2015, got the ID of each one and tested them on the validation form.
The good video was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4_PvN_A1ts

The flag was a4_PvN_A1ts



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