English [Hackover 2015] Back on the event

Hey folks!

The Hackover CTF is finished 🙂

It took place between 16-18th of September for 36 hours.
We ended up 18th on 419 -active- teams.

Write-ups are coming 😀
Stay tuned!

Crypto: radorium (200) – yodigga (500)
Forensic: pinkie-pie (50)
Misc: allyourbase (20) – simplepassword (100)
Pown: nodev (200)
Web: hacktheplanet (50) – messagecenter (100)


4 thoughts on “[Hackover 2015] Back on the event”

  1. Hi,

    First of all congratulations with your scores.
    Could you please write of tell me the writeup for the “simplepassword” challenge from hackover ctf. I came till the 4th or 5th part, but nu further.

    Thank you in advance.

    Greets Bas

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