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English [3DS CTF] [Exploit 300 – Please, no.] Write up


This time the programmer did a better job to hid his flag. But the problem still: It’s vulnerable. Can you obtain the flag?
Send to 9003

Dessa vez o programador caprichou um pouco mais na hora de esconder sua flag. O problema que continua vulneravel. Consegue extrair a flag?
Envie para 9003

Solved by 32 teams
Bonus solved by 5 teams


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English [Hack The Vote 2016] [Exploit 300 – FOX Voting Simulator] Write up


In primaries, it is important to get the most attention. With 12 candidates all sharing the stage, it can be hard to pull in voters. Luckily Mr Trump doesn’t have much problem with that, but we have a strategy to secure the vote for good. We have found voters respond very well to name recognition, and which ever candidate is polling the highest. We see a snowball effect if we can tip a few online polls his way, then it will be easier for him to take the real ones, and then eventually the nomination.

We were able to dump some of the source code from FOX’s new online poll service. We couldn’t get everything, but I’m sure that is no problem for you.


nc fox.pwn.republican 9000

author’s irc nick: itszn

26 solves
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English [TUMCTF 2016] [EXPLOIT 150 – boot2brainfuck] Write Up


You are still trying to get code execution on your own? Hahaha.

There is an app for that!

We are now introducing Remote Code Execution as a Service (RCEaaS).

Pro tips:

Flag is at A:\FLAG.TXT
No keyboard input in the Freemium version :/
nc 20666

Solved by: 26
Bonuspoints: 11
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