English [EasyCTF 2018] [Reverse 150 – Soupstitution Cipher] Write Up


For this challenge, we need to reverse a briefly obfuscated python script to find an input value that will validate some conditions to get the flag.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from binascii import unhexlify as sOup
from operator import attrgetter as souP

ME_FLAGE = 'censored'

SoUp = input
soUP = hex
sOUp = print
sOuP = ord
SOuP = open

def SoUP(sOUP):
 soup = 0
 while sOUP != 0:
  soup = (soup * 10) + (sOUP % 10)
  sOUP //= 10
 return soup

def SOup(sOUP):
 soup = 0
 for soUp in sOUP:
  soup *= 10
  soup += sOuP(soUp) - sOuP('0')
 return soup

def SOUP():
 Soup = SoUp()[:7]
 if not souP('isdigit')(Soup)():
  sOUp("that's not a number lol")

 soup = SoUP(SOup(Soup))
 SouP = souP('zfill')(soUP(soup)[2:])(8)[-8:]
 if sOup(SouP) == souP('encode')('s0up')():
  sOUp("oh yay it's a flag!", ME_FLAGE)
  sOUp('oh noes rip u')

if __name__ == '__main__':


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Hello everyone,

Last year, we were on final for the Defcamp. We finished in the bottom of the ranking (thanks to… actually to the night before, which had been a bit rude ^^).
But this year, we decided to be better (even if we again tried a lot of bars). And it paid! We were constantly moving from place #5 to #6, and ten minutes before the end, one of us flagged a challenge, and secured the 5th place!

Even if it’s not the first time we get into the Top5, we were in front of famous teams, and it was a real challenge to deal with it. But, hey, fighting DCUA, P4, and others was really fun after all! 🙂

We would like to thanks the organizers of the CTF, and of the Defcamp for their awesome work, and to say them : “See you next year ;)”

Here are the ranks :

defcamp ranking