English [IceCTF 2016] [Misc 60 – Blue Monday] Write Up


Those who came before me lived through their vocations
From the past until completion, they’ll turn away no more
And still I find it so hard to say what I need to say
But I’m quite sure that you’ll tell me just how
I should feel today.


Using our favorite hexadecimal software:

MThd      ÜMTrk  ¾ Id\€I  cd\€c  ed\€e  Cd\€C  Td\€T  Fd\€F  {d\€{  Hd\€H  Ad\€A  cd\€c  kd\€k  1d\€1  nd\€n  9d\€9  _d\€_  md\€m  Ud\€U  5d\€5  Id\€I  cd\€c  _d\€_  Wd\€W  1d\€1  7d\€7  hd\€h  _d\€_  md\€m  Id\€I  Dd\€D  1d\€1  5d\€5  _d\€_  Ld\€L  3d\€3  td\€t  5d\€5  _d\€_  Hd\€H  4d\€4  vd\€v  Ed\€E  _d\€_  ad\€a  _d\€_  rd\€r  4d\€4  vd\€v  3d\€3  }d\€} ‡hÿ/ 

Removing the prefix, \€ and the end:

Id cd ed Cd Td Fd {d Hd Ad cd kd 1d nd 9d _d md Ud 5d Id cd _d Wd 1d 7d hd _d md Id Dd 1d 5d _d Ld 3d td 5d _d Hd 4d vd Ed _d ad _d rd 4d vd 3d }d

Taking only the first letter of each couple:

I c e C T F { H A c k 1 n 9 _ m U 5 I c _ W 1 7 h _ m I D 1 5 _ L 3 t 5 _ H 4 v E _ a _ r 4 v 3 }

Flag was IceCTF{HAck1n9_mU5Ic_W17h_mID15_L3t5_H4vE_a_r4v3}

One thought on “[IceCTF 2016] [Misc 60 – Blue Monday] Write Up”

  1. Oh my God! I never thought of this. I saved the file as a midi file and could not make sense from the tune. Nice one.

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