English [HackIM 2016] [Crypto 400 – Crypto question 2] Write Up


Crypto Question 4 200 pts

He is influential, he is powerful. He is your next contact you can get you out of this situation. You must reach him soon. Who is he? The few pointers intrecpted by KGB are in the file. Once we know him, we can find his most valuable possession, his PRIDE.


The file contains md5 hashes that are easily bruteforcable :

d80517c8069d7702d8fdd89b64b4ed3b MD5 : Carrie
088aed904b5a278342bba6ff55d0b3a8 MD5 : Grease
56cdd7e9e3cef1974f4075c03a80332d MD5 : Perfect
0a6de9d8668281593bbd349ef75c1f49 MD5 : Shout
972e73b7a882d0802a4e3a16946a2f94 MD5 : Basic
1cc84619677de81ee6e44149845270a3 MD5 : Actor
b95086a92ffcac73f9c828876a8366f0 MD5 : Aircraft
b068931cc450442b63f5b3d276ea4297 MD5 : name

The link between all these elements is John Travolta.
We try to guess his most valuable possession, which is finally “Jett Clipper Ella” (the name of one of his private aircraft).

Flag was “Jett Clipper Ella“.

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