English [Trend Micro 2015] [Misc – Crossword] Write Up


We were given an empty crossword and a bunch of definition.

Once you fill in all the answers, list the first character of Across 3 to 24 and Down 1 to 22 in the above order.

Once you create a string, please generate its MD5 checksum, which is the flag of this challenge.
In the example above, the checksum would be 0d8014d00ea607c445b4a270af35a4d2

Please submit the flag in the format of TMCTF{<checksum>}.

3 A technique used for a piece of email to be sent to specific organisations
6 An effective measure that protects unpatched vulnerabilities on a system
8 Indicator of Compromise
9 The year the company hosting TMCTF was founded
11 Malware or technique used by cybercriminals that were arrested by FBI in 2011. The company hosting TMCTF contributed to this case.
12 Global Technical Support and R&D Center of the company hosting TMCTF
14 A piece of malware that prevents you from accessing your files and asks for money
15 Something that was compromised in CMS in the following video: https://goo.gl/EVpgZW
16 Annoying email or canned food
17 A server used by cybercriminals to communicate with a piece of malware planted in corporate network
19 Where the main character got infected with malware in the following video: https://goo.gl/ReU2aK
21 Current CEO of the company hosting TMCTF
23 Also known as ‘internet’
24 Breach detection solution from the company hosting TMCTF

1 Free malware scanning tool from the company hosting TMCTF
2 What assumuption does the narrator say is required in the following video: https://youtu.be/0hs8rc2u5ak
4 A type of malware used for stealing data from corporate network
5 Datacenter security platform from the company hosting TMCTF
7 International law enforcement working with the company hosting TMCTF
10 The company hosting TMCTF
13 Malware that was prevalent in late 90s and now resurging in 2015
18 Cyber attack targeting specific organisation
19 System used for industrial control system
20 Where the company hosting TMCTF is headquartered
22 A unique executive position within the the company hosting TMCTF



That was the less technical challenge of the CTF. All we needed was half a brain and the Trend Micro website.

It was basically advertising about the glorious and efficient company who hosted the CTF.

So there is the crossword when solved :
CTF 2015 TCMTF Crossword

Following the instruction the flag is : SVIEDTRVSCSECDHBBDITMASTC



Flag is TMCTF{88f5505a45c9e176e36898095f505187}

That’s all folks !

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